Creative Solutions and Solid Experience

Life happens. That's why Lebel & Harriman, LLP takes pride in using its unique combination of creative ideas and experience to assist you in assuring that your business or family legacy continues uninterrupted should unforeseen events occur. We have a solid track record of assisting businesses and families create, preserve and perpetuate a legacy of financial independence.

Lebel & Harriman has thrived for over thirty years on the premise that our clients will make the best planning decisions if they are given the best information available. We can offer you our unique ability to:

  • Analyze your current situation, goals and financial obligations
  • Help you design a life long plan which may include life insurance, long-term care insurance or disability insurance
  • Design a multi-layered estate and /or business continuation plan
  • Work closely with your attorneys, accountants and financial advisors

Protecting Your Financial Future

We can help you develop sound strategies to meet the challenges of retirement income, disability income, premature death and the tax-efficient transfer of your hard earned assets to family members or new owners. Just as you have made it your life's work to build wealth that will secure your family's future, we have made it ours to ensure that your plans and promises will be kept. It would be our pleasure to meet with you and discuss ways we can lend a helping hand to your unique business and family needs.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is similar to a set of personal instructions. These instructions may include:

  • How to pay your final expenses (and possibly estate taxes)
  • How to distribute your property
  • Who should be the person in charge of these duties
  • Who will have the legal duty to care for your minor children
  • How your loved ones will receive their inheritance
  • What your legacy will be

Regardless of the instructions, each family's estate plan will be unique and must be customized in order to fit that family's estate planning objectives. We take special pride in assisting our clients create a legacy using proper estate planning techniques and solutions.

Business Continuation Planning

Business owners make more than a simple monetary investment in their successful venture. They also invest time, energy and labor. As such, successful businesses thrive with the life-blood of their owners. The return on this investment need not be limited to the owner's lifetime. With proper planning, the business may continue to provide benefits even after the owner's death. Ensuring the survival of these benefits requires proper planning. For over thirty years we have helped business owners create a legacy by ensuring that their business is passed to the next generation in the most effective manner.

Trust Owned Life Insurance

Trust Owned Life Insurance is often the lynchpin of a successful Estate Plan. Our TOLI Expert System™ is an analytical process that assists clients and their advisors in making certain that they are getting the most out of their insurance dollars. It was especially created by Lebel & Harriman, LLP to address the complex tax, trust and legal issues involved in the ownership of life insurance inside irrevocable insurance trusts.\

PDF - Trust Owned Life Insurance

Keeping your insurance up to date

Most life insurance policies have been designed based on numerous non-guaranteed assumptions. Over time, the actual performance diverges from the assumptions -- frequently by a large degree. In some cases, this leads to better than expected results. In others, it leads to worse performance. More often than not, policyholders don't actually follow the original plan. We will analyze your current life insurance needs and evaluate your policy to ensure it is properly designed to address these needs now and in the future.

PDF - Comprehensive Policy Review System

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