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Investment Management

Creating financial security and peace of mind.

Do you have confidence that your investment portfolio is properly positioned based on how and when you plan to use it?  At Lebel & Harriman, we go the extra mile to back into an appropriate amount of risk.

It starts with a comprehensive financial plan. As part of this relationship building experience, we gain valuable insight about your dreams, expectations, concerns, timeline and income needs. Working at your side and simplifying complexities, we will deliver recommendations supported by your financial plan. 

Lebel & Harriman is fully independent.  We have access to an array of portfolio solutions for every situation, from low-cost ETF models that minimize volatility to guaranteed lifetime income strategies.  What most differentiates us from others is the experience you’ll have.  We prioritize long-term relationships over everything else.

A Step in the Right Direction.

If you want more than an investment advisor, we would be honored to help you design a portfolio based on logic and align your assets with the role they need to play in your financial success.

Call us today for a confidential conversation with one of our friendly and experienced wealth managers.

Independent advice on:

  • Stocks
  • CDs
  • Bonds
  • Treasuries
  • Actively managed mutual funds
  • Indexed mutual funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Annuities (Fixed & Variable)
  • Closed End Funds
  • Insurance protection
  • Annual financial planning