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Creative solutions and solid experience.

Although insurance contracts can be complex, the concept behind insurance is simple: It can help your family maintain the lifestyle they love and provide long-lasting financial security if the unexpected happens. 

Whether you’re looking to explore life insurance, long term care insurance, or income protection insurance, our team has decades of experience. To provide the optimal solution, we evaluate policy type, cost, insurance company financials and other nuances that are critical in the decision-making process. 

L&H is independently owned, and thus, not tied to any one insurance company, product, or provider. Our goal is to help you select the best option for your individual situation. We are uniquely positioned to: 

  • Advocate for you throughout the underwriting process 
  • Provide ongoing service and reviews of your contract(s) 
  • Serve as a personal point of contact when it matters most 
  • Monitor insurance carrier financial strength

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