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Succession Planning

Assuring your legacy.

Business owners wear many hats.  It’s a challenge to plan for the sale of your business and make choices about your life beyond that – especially if you feel like you just hit your financial stride. We understand, because we’ve been in your shoes. Our founders Mike and Phil have personal experience with that journey. And in light of our successful internal transition, we can also relate to your buyer’s perspective. 

Balancing financial goals with emotions is hard work. Even after helping many clients travel the path, our own succession plan took much longer than expected, and several trips back to the drawing board. We learned a lot.

An external sale has many similarities, but different complexities that need advance attention to achieve a mutually beneficial agreement. Starting early is key. It can take as much time to identify potential buyers and find common ground on valuation as it does to explore ways of making a buyout affordable and fair to both sides. Equally important is maintaining the culture and reputation you built following a transition.  

Our team would be honored to share our knowledge and personal experience to help. From confidential conversations about your goals, timing and post-transition lifestyle to discreet “interviews” with potential internal buyers and/or family members, we stand ready to get you started.

Your needs are unique.

We welcome the opportunity to customize services to meet them:

  • Business owner consulting
  • Business buyer interviews
  • Buy/Sell shareholder funding
  • Customized Deferred Compensation (NQDC) structure and funding strategies