In 1978, Lebel & Harriman set out to be much more than an investment firm. Since then, we’ve become a trusted part of our community with a longstanding reputation for doing what’s right for our clients. 

About Us

The trust people place in us is born from the genuine care we have and the authentic connections we create. It extends beyond the baseline expectations of trust based solely in financial expertise and due diligence. It’s about trusting us because you know we care about you. And you know we keep our promises. 

We sit next to you instead of across from you, working together to provide guidance and counsel for your financial path forward. We pride ourselves on creating enriching experiences that make you feel optimistic and heard. 

Whether you’re managing first generations of wealth… or a business… or near-term financial goals… we know that people want to find confidence and comfort in their choices. We ask questions, we listen, and we paint a clear picture of what you’re looking for. From there, we keep our promise in delivering exceptional service that makes sense for you. We don’t just react or wait for things to happen – we make things happen. 

At Lebel & Harriman, we do more than provide advice … we’re committed to helping businesses and clients lead their best lives.


Let’s work together