Why Lebel & Harriman

The Secrets to our Success

Michael Lebel and Philip Harriman founded their partnership on the simple premise that if they do what’s right for their clients, success will follow. Lebel & Harriman, LLP has been doing just that for over thirty years.

  • We are independent. Because we are not beholden to any single product or financial services provider, we are uniquely positioned to offer the appropriate solution to fit our clients’ needs.
  • We employ experts. Our professionals have a decade or more of experience in their chosen fields and have a demonstrated track record of providing exceptional and consistent service to our clients.
  • We are a family. Our team shares a common set of ethics and the common goal of serving our clients and one another with dignity and respect. We listen. We collaborate. We care.

Vision Statement

At Lebel & Harriman, LLP, we are dedicated to promoting, protecting and enhancing the ability of our clients to maintain their financial dignity by preparing a legacy which enriches their lives.

We serve our clients competently, fairly and with utmost respect to protect the confidential nature of their family, financial and business matters. We partner with our clients to further their purpose and exceed their expectations. Our clients view us with confidence and consider us a source of trusted advice.

We treat our employees with dignity and respect while allowing them to develop their career potential to its fullest. Our environment encourages the exchange of meaningful intellectual and professional contact.

We accomplish our mission in a professional manner that enriches our lives and the lives of those with whom we do business.